To se vysvětlí, soudruzi! (We’re On It, Comrades! ) is a mystery comedy television series coproduced by Czech Television and ZDF. The series aims to follow on from popular 1980s co-production projects of Czechoslovakia and West Germany NávštěvníciLétající Čestmír or Arabela. Episode titles refer to comedy films by Václav Vorlíček and Jindřich Polák. The series draws inspiration from real events. Plot itself is inspired by real life Czechoslovak institute that focused on paranormal activity which existed in 1980s. Some media called the series "Czech The X-Files."

The series follows members of the Institute of Paranormal Phenomena who solve various mysteries in 1980s communist Czechoslovakia. Skeptic investigator David and a naive scientist Vojta are solving cases that include an alien abduction, self-immolation of a saint in a church, or an attack by the creepy monster Kozlopír. They are followed by duo of StB agents - tough agent Snížková and her sensitive right-hand man Hora

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